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1. Archery dot Net - for bowhunters, bow hunting, archery equipment and supplies 91%     
Welcome to Archery dot Net.. Your online resource for archery and bow hunting equipment. This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. Some features of the site may not be available with other browsers. Click here to enter Archery..
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2. Archery Mall - Archery & Bowhunting Source 91%     
Devoted to archery, bowhunting, hunting, archery equipment, tournament archery and other outdoor sports.
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3. Martin Archery 91%     
Martin Archery
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4. FAQ for alt.archery and rec.sport.archery 87%     
FAQ for alt.archery and rec.sport.archery
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5. Archery on the Internet 85%     
A report of Archery activities on the Internet
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6. FITA 85%     
World archery governing body known as the Federal Internationale de Tir a l'Arc offers world records, rankings, and a judges newsletter.
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7. Bowhunting.Net Archery & Bowhunting News 84%     
Bowhunting Net welcomes you to the Bowhunting Netcenter's Main Navigation Page and Today's News. Links to Bowhunting & Archery COLUMNS and web sites for Archery Equipment Manufacturers, Publications, Outfitters, Archery Pro Shops, Young Bowhunters Club
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8. Archery Information Service, Home of The Archer's Retreat!! 83%     
A ring style, Virtual Community of all archery related web pages. The largest linked database of Worldwide archery info on the WWW. Free Membership!
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9. Archery Solutions from The BowMan-Archery Equipment for Bowhunting, 3D Archery and Competition Archery 82%     
Archery Solutions from The BowMan-Archery Equipment for Bowhunting, 3D Archery and Competition Archery Our Server Indicates that you are not using Netscape You may continue to browse the BowMan's Archery Solutions The World's Most Popular Archery P
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10. University Archery Club: Sagittarius Twente 82%     
Information about Sagittarius, archery in Holland, (scientific) articles about archery, a collection archery links, pictures, an archery blackboard and more!
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11. Archery Mall 81%  
Archery, archery supplies, manufacturers, and bowhunting news and equipment.
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12. Welcome to The North American Archery Group, LLC 81%  
Welcome to The North American Archery Group, LLC Welcome to Please CLICK HERE if you are not immediately transported to our new site. Welcome to The North American Archery Group, LLC
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13. Online Retailers: Archery Stores, Archery and Bow Hunting Equipment, Targets, 78%     
Shop and Buy Archery equipment bowhunting supplies, arrows, targest, longbows, vanes, releases, arrow rests, broadheads, bow sights and more! Preview...
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14. SCA Archery Homepage 78%  
There are several archery email lists; see http://www.wyvernhall.com/sca/subscribe.html for details. The Society Archery Marshal, Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, has provided the following materials:
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15. National Field Archery Association 77%     
No Summary
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16. Home Site of the National Archery Association, the US National Governing Body for Archery in the Olympic Games 76%     
Home Site of the National Archery Association, the US National Governing Body for Archery in the Olympic Games Click here to proceed Home Site of the National Archery Association, the US National Governing Body for Archery in the Olympic Games arche
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17. Archery Links 75%     
This site provides links to Web sites about archery. It covers topics such as university clubs, personal Web pages, medieval archery, archery events, organizations and others. Each site is rated and a brief description is included.
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18. Archery on the Internet - Archery 75%     
Archery on the Internet, a list of pointers to archery information on the Internet
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19. The Bowsite (Bowsite.com) - Bowhunting Archery Supersite 72%     
Alabama Alaska Alberta Arizona Arkansas British Columbia California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Manitoba Maryland Massachusetts Mexico Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
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20. www.archery-discounters.com 72%     
has close.
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21. Welcome to PSE Archery Main Menu 72%     
PSE Archery manufactures the finest archery equipment in the world....
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22. Bowhunting Net, the home of bowhunters & bowhunting, archers & archery. 71%  
Bowhunting Net welcomes all bowhunters, archers, and anyone interested in bowhunting. Here you'll find lots of bowhunting & archery columns, web sites for archery equipment manufacturers & other bowhunting & archery businesses, a sweepstakes, numerous Q&A
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23. Lebanese Archery Federation (LAF) 71%     
Profile, administrative board, member clubs, competitions, Arab Archery Federation (FATA - Fédération Arabe de Tir à l'Arc - Beirut), forum.
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24. Rich Walton's Archery Industry News 69%     
Rich Walton's Industry News is dedicated to sharing valuable information that affects archers and bowhunters.
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25. Archery & Bowhunting Companies on the Internet 69%  
Extensive list of Archery & Bowhunting Company & Manufacturers web sites.
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26. Personal Archery Pages 69%     
A Collection of Links to Archery Web-sites by and for individuals, part of the Sagittarius Twente Archery Links pages.
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27. University Archery Club: Sagittarius Twente 69%     
Information about Sagittarius, archery in Holland, (scientific) articles about archery, a collection archery links, pictures, an archery blackboard and more!
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28. Browning Archery 68%     
Soft-sided bow cases as well as a wide selection of bows and archery accessories.
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29. Ted Brooks Archery, Inc. 66%  
[ Home ] [ About Brooks ] [ Bows ] [ Accessories ] [ Prices ] [ Youth Bows ] [ Camo Clothing ] [ Bargains ] [ Interactive Software ] [ Traditional Bows ] [ Used Bows ] [ Kansas
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30. Alternative Sporting Services Archery All Types Pros and Amateurs 65%  
Alternative Sporting Services Archery All Types Pros and Amateurs. High quality archery equipment for Professionals and amateurs. Serving archers world-wide.
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31. Bownet and Bow International Archery Magazine 65%     
International archery news, information, resource centre and shopping section from the publishers of BOW International magazine. Large site covering all levels from beginners to the Olympic Games
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32. California Archery 65%  
California Archery California Archery Updated on Feb 17, 2000 ARCHERY CLUBS and RANGES NORTH CENTRAL SOUTH EVENTS CALENDAR JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Check the calendar for this weekend's shoots Day Camp Archery Instructor neede
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33. Open Directory - Sports: Archery 65%  
Top: Sports: Archery (117) Alcock and Pierce - Archery Supplies - Australian suppliers of all archery supplies including bows and arrows and Australian agents for Hortons crossbows
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34. Traditional Archery 65%  
Traditional archery Q&A, traditional archery articles on longbows & recurves by Doug Besherse, a Traditional Archery Corner bulletin board, and more.
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35. Archery - NBCOlympics.com 63%  
News, athlete biographies, and information about the sport.
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36. FS Discount Archery 61%  
FS Discount Archery Please note and bookmark our correct URL as www.fsdiscountarchery.com. F / S Discount Archery 2852 Walnut Ave, Unit ""A"" Tustin, Ca. 92780 F/S Discount Archery has become the favorite archery supplier of thousands of Archers
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37. Saunders Archery USA - Columbus, Nebraska 60%  
Saunders Archery USA, Columbus, Nebraska.Manufacturer of archery equipment, bow, arrow, fishing, hunting, tools, supplies,
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38. Welcome to Easton Archery - Manufacturers of the finest Arrow Shafts in the wo 59%     
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39. Archery Supplies - The Hunter's Mall 59%     
Click on the icon to visit the site. Trophy Taxidermy & Archery The San Francisco Bay Area's premier archery store. Specializing in Bow hunting and Target archery.
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40. Archery Headquarters 59%  
Archery Headquarters. Arizona best archery proshop
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41. TomoChiChi Traditional Archery Club 58%  
Tomo-Chi-Chi Archery club is dedicated to promoting archery hunting in Georgia
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42. Bowhunting.Net 56%     
Offers news and columns on the subjects of bowhunting and traditional archery. Contains an online store, a listing of local associations and classifieds for those hunters looking for partners.
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43. Quicks, the Archery Specialists - Welcome 56%  
Quicks, the Archery Specialists. An unrivalled range of quality archery equipment. Worldwide Mail Order. Help and advice from our staff of keen shooters. Serving archers around the world.
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44. SCA Outlands -- Target Archery Handbook 56%  
A handbook for target archery within the kingdom of the Outlands. A part of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
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45. Archery Network 55%  
Pick a Site - Recruiting Experts College Team Sites High School Sites NFL Sites NHL Sites NBA Sites Specialty Sites Fantasy Games Rivals.com Home - About Us - Customer Care About this site About Rivals.com Privacy Terms of Service Contact Us FAQ Search
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46. ARCHERY 54%  
Archery Archery in Australia Archery - AIS Athlete Profile Archery Australia Archery at the Australian Institute of Sport Archery Society of Tasmania Archery South Australia Australian Bowhunters Association - including FAA (Field Archery Australia.
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47. worldsport.com(FITA) archery 53%  
Register here for your WorldSport Mail. version française. news. calendar. worldsport.com. Avenue de Cour 135, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland / Suisse....
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48. Angus Duggan: Archery 52%  
An online directory of archery records, results of recent tournaments and information about equipment for the sport.
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49. LINKS to other Archery Web Sites 52%  
LINKS to other ARCHERY WEB SITES Archery Equipment Manufacturer Web Sites and Listings Archery Organization Web Sites and Listings Kjetil Kilhavn's Archery on the World Wide Web
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50. TenRing Archery 52%  
Archery Retailers & Manufatures of Traditional English Longbows & leatherwork
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51. Archery Books FAQ 49%  
This posting contains the alt.archery FAQ section containing a list of archery related books recommended by various posters.
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52. Archery Institute - Archery Institute 49%  
The Archery Institute is dedicated to youth archery eduction, training and shooting opportunities. We teach classes, conduct summer camps, international exchange programs for archery students.
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53. Internet Archery Society 48%  
21 pages of information about Archery
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54. Hunters.com Hunting Fishing and Archery information and services. 46%  
Hunters.com "...the world of hunting." | Home | Features | Search | Talk | E-Commerce | Search FlashNews Periodicals Sweepstakes Membership Store Xchange Learn more Learn more Talk Interactive Chat Voice Chat House Rules Sign Up Product Search
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55. Alpine Archery 46%  
Alpine Archery, located in Lewiston, Idaho, manufactures high quality, low priced archery equipment for worldwide distribution. Our archery line includes the Teton Lite, Teton,
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56. Darton Archery, the home of Darton Family Archery Products. 46%  
The Darton Archery site features Darton, ProLine, Predator, Great Lakes Crossbow archery products, bow tuning advise, photo, success stories and more
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57. We are The Internet Archery Accessories Society 46%     
We help people learn about archery and bowhunting
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58. Archery: Different Densities Publications 45%  
"The most controversial book about archery ever written!"-Jimmy Despart Excerpts from Professional Archery Technique by Ten-time National Champion and 1993-94 World Indoor Champion Kirk Ethridge
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59. Archery FAQs 43%  
A collection of all Archery FAQs for the newsgroups alt.archery and rec.sport.archery. (Sagittarius Twente Archery)
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60. The Grand National Archery Society 43%  
The Grand National Archery Society - Governing body for the sport of archery in the UK
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61. Welcome to Asahi Archery INC 42%  
"For The Best in Traditional Kyudo Products and Service" Associate Member of FITA ARCHERY (Japanese Version) (Click here for Western Archery related products)
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62. About Bow-Pro Archery Equipment 39%  
Check here for Bow-Pro Archery Equipment press releases, job listings, and a company history. Bow-Pro Archery is looking for dealers!  If you are a dealer and interested in our
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63. Asian Traditional Archery Research Network (ATARN) 39%     
Covers Kyudo and other forms of archery from Asia. A comprehensive source of information.
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64. Pelkey's Archery Inc. - 1997 Dealer of The Year - New and Used Archery Equipment 39%     
Pelkey's Archery Inc, Vermont's largest archery dealer, 1997 Archery Dealer of the Year. The finest in Archery Equipment, Accessories and Maintenance. Service is our business. Leagues, JOAD, clothing, Bows, Arrows and all accessories are availabl
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65. Kyudo - Japanese Archery 37%     
Learn about this ancient, traditional, Japanese sport, find a list of related upcoming events and follow related links.
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66. Archery Books FAQ 36%  
This posting contains the alt.archery FAQ section containing a list of archery related books recommended by various posters.
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67. Archery on the Internet 36%     
Archery on the Internet [ About... ] © [ AotI ] © [ Archery ] © [ Bowhunting ] © [ Commercial ] © [ Indices ] © [ e-mail ] Archery on the Internet Welcome to the largest list of archery links with descriptions, «Archery on the Internet». The
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68. Shavano Archery 35%     
Archery equipment and accessories.
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69. California Archery 33%     
Resource of clubs around California offers calendar of events, safety courses, tournaments, and club links. Find Olympic team info and vendors.
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70. ken's Hunting Page....Come Hunt with the big DAWG! 33%     
hunting, whitetail deer, archery, hunt,firearms,muzzleloading bow,gun,turkey,dove,duck,
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71. Dave's Target Archery Page 33%  
Compiled by a keen Oxford University archer, this page includes an overview of Dave's style, a virtual trophy cabinet, archery FAQs and links.
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72. Re: Re: Recurve Bows Made by Bear Archery 33%  
Posted by mr dixon on May 03, 1998 at 11:04:04: In Reply to: Re: Recurve Bows Made by Bear Archery posted by paul on March 18, 1998 at 10:22:13: i have a bear super strike xlr.. it
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73. THE STICKBOW - The site for the Traditional Archer and Traditional Archery Enthusiast 32%  
traditional archery, traditional bowhunting, stickbow, longbow, recurve, selfbow, self bow, traditonal bowhunter, spokeshave, leatherwall, flemish string, arrowmaking, cedar arrows, broadheads, wood bows, wood arrows, laminated recurve, laminated longbow
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74. Neuqua/Auroraland Home Page 30%  
Auroraland JOAD Welcome to Junior Olympic Archery in suburban Chicagoland Please feel free to use our image map links to directly access these other ...
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75. Archery Unlimited Outfitters LLC: Horse Pack Trips in Colorado's San Juans 30%     
Archery and rifle hunts for deer and elk in the scenic San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies, near Durango....
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76. Beginning Bowhunting & Archery 30%     
Starting out in the sport of archery & bowhunting.
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77. Dave's Gun & Archery Range 30%  
Dave's Gun & Archery Range is your source for gun and archery equipment and supplies. We carry a variety of handguns, rifles, shotguns and traditional & compound bows.
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78. University Archery Clubs 30%  
A Collection of Links to University Archery Web-sites, part of the Sagittarius Twente Archery Links pages.
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79. Alpine Archery 29%  
None Available
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80. Archery 29%  
Archery information and links.
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81. Angus Duggan: Archery 26%     
Archery This is Angus's archery resource page. It contains: The FAQ for the Usenet alt.archery newsgroup (now moving to rec.sport.archery). Lists of World, European, British and Scottish target archery records. World, British and Scottish target...
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82. Archery Network 26%     
Archery and bow hunting directory lists archery clubs, outfitters, and retailers and presents bow hunting news, chats, and classified ads.
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83. Bowhunting & Archery Business News at BowhuntingBusiness.com 26%  
Welcome to the Bowhunting.Net Business Center, a division of the Bowhunting Netcenter. Here you will find Links to Archery & Bowhunting Equipment Manufacturers, Hunting Products for bowhunters, Publications, Outfitters, Archery Pro Shops, Rich Walton's
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84. Suthern Archery Supplies 26%  
Come into our archery shop and discover a whole new world of archery shopping. Whatch for our specials.
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85. Colchester and District Archery Club 23%  
Archery is fun - why not join us? Beginners are welcome - courses are run from April to September. CADAC is a friendly club with an excellent ground where members can shoot with safety and enjoyment at any time.
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86. Hoyt USA - World Class Archery Products 23%  
Hoyt USA - World Class Archery Products Products | In Good Company | Event Calendar | Dealer Locator Now Hear This | Technical Info | Picture Perfect Hoyt USA - World Class Archery Products
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87. Hunting and Fishing 17%  
Online Archery, Hunting, and Fishing retailer. We carry many name brands at Great prices.
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88. NY - Evans Rod & Gun Club 17%  
Trap and skeet shooting, rifle range and archery.
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